V08 Three Wheel Electric Sitdown Forkift


V08 Three Wheel Electric Sitdown Forkift


Three Wheel Counterbalanced

Designed to maximize on-board space while offering the operator a comfortable, safe working environment.  Powerful DC hydraulic lift motor provides smooth high torque lifting and lowering.  Electromagnetic brake is mounted on motor armature shaft multiplying the braking power through the transmission.  Lift/lower, tilt and side-shift levers are easily reached, ergonomically located to the operators right-hand side.

  • 1500lb. capacity at 24" load center
  • 24- volt batteries with AC lift and travel control
  • Lift up to 18.7 fpm loaded
  • Polyurethane wheels
  • Wide view mast, low scuttle and high seating position gives the operator excellent view, reducing load damage and accidents
  • Ergonomic operators compartment
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For further information: Big Joe V08 Spec Sheet