T15 Walkie Tugger

Our 1,500lb capacity walkie tugger can eliminate operator strain caused by manually pulling carts long distances. Variable travel is provided for both forward and reverse and the unit comes with both a frame grab and a standard pin connection, The 180 degree articulating tow arm can be locked out with a drift pin for improved control as needed.

The T15 Features:

  • 24volt DC drive motor and controller

  • Electronic motor braking provides stopping force when not under power

  • Ergonomic handle with 3 positions, safety reversing switch and horn

  • 50AH polycase batteries with internal 110VAC charger

  • Battery discharge indicator, emergency power disconnect, and key switch

The T15 Specifications:

  • Vehicle Type: Motorized pedestrian tugger

  • Maximum Capacity: 1,500lbs. up to 7% grade loaded